The German Time Machine

Take off right away!

After making a soft landing in Switzerland there is no need to navigate through a jungle of tenses to start speaking German.

  • Did you know that Germans only use two tenses for 95% of all everyday situations?
  • Did you know that Soft Landing can provide you with a comprehensive list with which you can generate all verb forms in all tenses, all on one A4 sheet of paper?
  • Did you know that if you already speak English (especially if you have learned it as a foreign language) and you know some basic French or Italian, you have a 23% headstart on German grammar)?

Let Soft Landing help you get started!

With our unique approach to teaching German we will help you master the basics of grammar and quickly get you on the road to communicating!

Come see what we are all about!

Flyer: German Time Machine

29 August, Tuesday – 10.00-11.30

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