Other Languages

Barbara Toffoli

Barbara is an Italian translator and interpreter from Verona, Italy. She studied in Milan, and later in Heidelberg to become a teacher of German and English literature. Upon completion of her studies, she lived in Germany for several years, where she taught Italian in various schools. Barbara also worked for a large Italian company in Frankfurt where she was responsible for the development of training concepts for sales and after-sales personnel. Barbara moved to Switzerland in 2003, where she has worked as a translator.

Bénédicte Minvielle

Benedicte is from Marseille, France and for the last 18 years she has been travelling the world with her family. After living in London for ten years, where she worked with primary children in the International School of London, she moved first to Chicago for 3 years, and then to Dubai, where she has lived for the past 4 years.
While in Dubai she participated in a volunteering program running French conversation classes for IB Students. She also worked as a private tutor, preparing a student for her French IB exam.
Benedicte arrived in Switzerland last October and is enjoying discovering a new culture and environment.
Her approach to teaching children a new language is to create a fun atmosphere through the use of games. Her goal is to build on her extensive experience of teaching international students by using a variety of study tools to attract and maintain their interest.

Christine Papageorges

Christine is a French native speaker from Belgium. She started teaching French 10 years ago when she moved with her family to Singapore. After obtaining the DAEFLE certification she started giving private lessons for teenagers and worked for two years for the Hollandse school of Singapore. She then moved to the Netherlands for two years where she began working for Berlitz. After arriving in Switzerland 6 years ago, Christine first lived in Kanton Waadt where she taught at the International School Haut-Lac in St Légier, for one year. She then moved to Kanton Zug where she has been teaching French in different language schools for the past 4 years. She enjoys meeting new students and discovering their stories in order to understand them and focus on their needs.

Jules MacLeod

Jules was born in England and holds a Bachelor degree in Business. Whilst living in Paris for two years she gained a TEFL diploma before returning to England. After 10 years as a business analyst, Jules switched her focus to her passion for education and working with children. She was employed in an English Primary School, teaching children with Special Educational Needs. Since moving to Switzerland 6 years ago, she has enjoyed teaching phonics, reading and writing programmes to native English and bi-lingual speaking children. In her spare time, Jules enjoys yoga and hiking.

Laurence Beyeler

Laurence is a French National from Nantes who has lived in many countries throughout Europe (UK, Russia, Poland) and Africa (Tunisia Madagascar, South Africa). She has plenty of experience in teaching French and has tutored several children in both French and English, although she enjoys sharing the “language of Molière” with both adults and children. She has lived in Switzerland for a year and she is enthusiastic about Switzerland’s culture as well as its natural beauty.

María Luisa Sanchez Enriquez

María Luisa is was born in Madrid, Spain. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics & Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education, specializing in foreign language teaching. She also holds diplomas in Higher Teacher Education (CAP) as well as Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). Prior to moving to Switzerland in 2013, María worked as a training manager for a multinational company for more than 10 years . She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students and utilizes a variety of different study tools to promote learning

Marie-Kieu von Reding

Marie was born in Paris. She studied German and French and she holds certifications from Eurolta and SVEB. She has lived in Switzerland since 1988. She has several years experience in teaching students on different levels, and enjoys instructing her students in French with plenty of energy and commitment.

Monica Sibarium

Monica has been teaching English off and on for almost 20 years (at Soft Landing since 2010). She has taught all ages and levels of English, including Business English and TOEFL preparation. Monica has a B.A. in International Studies and an Ed.M. in TESOL from the State University of New York, Buffalo. She is fluent in Dutch and has a good working knowledge of German, French and Romanian. Monica likes to create a relaxed atmosphere in her classes where her students feel comfortable and are not afraid to speak up!

Nataliia Gretener

Nataliia comes from the Ukraine. She studied piano at the prestigious High School of Charkiw. She holds a diploma in teaching piano, piano accompaniment and chamber music. She taught for several years before moving to Switzerland in 2009, and continues to teach piano and Russian. Nataliia also holds a qualification in adult education, as well as the Swiss diplomas of EUROLTA and SVEB.

Sara Pérez Cabrerizo

Sara was born in Madrid, Spain. After obtaining a university degree in Art History, she continued her postgraduate studies in Publishing and Culture Management, and obtained a qualification in Higher Teacher Education (CAP) as well as in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). During her time in Spain she co-owned a small cultural and educational company, and she has been drawn to the world of teaching ever since. She moved to Switzerland in 2016 and decided to focus her energy exclusively on teaching Spanish, but makes use of her interdisciplinary backrgound to find resources that will stimulate her students’ motivation for learning.

Tanya Loringett

Born to a Swiss father and a Greek mother, Tanya grew up in the US, Italy and Ticino (Switzerland), accompanied all along by her passion for languages. By the age of 9 she spoke fluently English, Italian and French. She added German later on, first in middle school and then, after taking her Matura degree, in Cologne (Germany). Today she is a certified translator into Italian and English and has worked in Zurich on a freelance basis since 1998. She has also been teaching English to business professionals for over 20 years and really enjoys the lively interaction with her students.