Our Team

Harry Fuchs

Harry started Soft Landing and is the Director of Studies. Not only is he an extremely talented German teacher with more than 20 years of experience, but he has also developed much of the course materials used by our students.

Parina Inderbitzin

Parina worked as an export expert for international companies for many years. She loves to learn and teach languages and has a vast experience in learning languages both in groups and one-to-one. Her considerable experience of travelling and studying in various countries has given her a deep understanding for the needs of people who have recently arrived in Switzerland.
Being Swiss, Parina is fluent in Swiss German, as well as German, English and Spanish. Together with teaching German, she has also been our Course Coordinator since June 2015.

Eva Meier

Eva joined Soft Landing in November 2018. She is Swiss with Hungarian roots, married and has two sons. During 20 years, she has worked for many international companies with a focus on Sales & Marketing and Event Management. She enjoys travelling, cooking and reading and speaks German, Hungarian, English, French and Spanish fluently.

Sabine Pugner

With degrees in business and languages under her belt and years of experience working in international companies in client relationship, business development and event management roles, Sabine has the advantage of understanding our business both in terms of client relationships as well as from the perspective of a teacher. Energetic and motivated, Sabine brings a creative and solution oriented approach to her work.